Elementary school “Nemanja Vlatković” Šipovo

Elementary school “Nemanja Vlatković” Šipovo

The purpose of the facility is a public educational institution – elementary school.

The school building is of a free-standing, permanent type, solid construction. The number of floors is partly ground floor (GF)+ 1 and partly single ground floor.

The building was built in 1980.

The net floor area of ​​the facility is 2,037.00 m2 and total number of users on annual level is 862.

Before implementation of energy efficient measures average indoor temperature in the building was around 16-17°C, whereas after performed retrofits, indoor temperature will reach the projected 20 °C.

The following energy efficiency measures have been implemented within Nemanja Vlatković Elementary School in Šipovo:

Implemented energy efficiency measures

  • external walls thermal insulation
  • replacement of external windows and doors
  • thermal insulation of attic structure, pitched roof and replacement of roof cover
  • heating system retrofitting (building new boiler room facility, installation of thermostatic valves, pumps and other).


  • reduction of energy consumption,
  • reduction of CO2 emissions,
  • reduction of energy overhead costs,
  • increase of comfort indoors,
  • raising awareness on importance of energy efficiency.

The total energy savings expected on annual level are around 65%.