Selection of facilities that were retrofitted under the Project was performed in several phases: nomination of priority facilities by the city/municipality or the competent ministry, collection of technical data on facilities through defined forms; conducting preliminary energy audits for a group of facilities; final selection of facilities by the Project Steering Committee. The criteria used for selection of facilities are: the amount of savings, type of fuel used for heating, i.e. reduction of harmful gases emission, number of users, regional distribution, etc.

Municipalities/cities and competent ministries submitted applications for over 350 facilities at the beginning of the Project, and during its implementation, the number of applications was constantly increasing. Based on the technical data on the facilities, 79 facilities were selected for performance of preliminary energy audits thus defining expected savings after implementation of energy efficiency measures and a simple time period for return on the investment.

Memoranda on regulating relations with reference to energy efficiency improvement, defining all important elements of the implementation of activities, were signed for each selected facility prior to commencement of implementation of energy efficiency improvement measures on the facilities anticipated for energy retrofits by the decisions of the Project Steering Committee. In addition to the Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska, the signatories of the memoranda were also representatives of the competent ministries, representatives of the cities/municipalities and representatives of the end beneficiaries (directors of schools, hospitals, etc.).

Energy efficiency in public buildings of Republic of Srpska was improved through the project, which led to reduction in energy consumption, reduction of energy overhead costs, as well as to the improvement of indoor comfort levels in the premises (reduction of noise, optimization of lighting, reaching ideal temperature, etc.).