Provided that satisfactory results have been achieved within the existing Project and the extent of energy efficiency improvements in public buildings sector has been increased, additional funding has been proposed as continuation of BEEP. Republic of Srpska National Assembly brought the Decision on acceptance of the loan by Republic of Srpska towards the World Bank – International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for Additional Financing under the Bosnia and Herzegovina Energy Efficiency Project (8906-BA), in the amount of EUR 10,910,796, which is 40% of the total loan amount for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which amounts up to EUR 27,276,989.

All relevant agreements necessary for implementation of the continued BEEP were signed In the first half of 2019. The decision on ratification of the Loan Agreement (Additional Financing for Bosnia and Herzegovina Energy Efficiency Project – BEEP AF) signed between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development was brought in February 2020 (“Bosnia and Herzegovina Official Gazette – International Agreements”, edition 2/20).

Development objective of the Project is is to improve energy efficiency in public sector buildings and to provide support for development and implementation of scalable energy efficiency financing models.

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republic of Srpska, which includes the Project Implementation Unit, is in charge of implementation of the Project in Republic of Srpska. The function of the Project Steering Committee is retained in accordance with the previously adopted decisions of the Republic of Srpska Government. Activities within the extension of the Project will continue on the existing project components with certain changes aimed at increasing sustainability of the Project, and this refers to introduction of revolving financial model.