Elementary School „Sveti Sava“ Brod

Elementary School „Sveti Sava“ Brod

The intended use of the facility is a public educational institution – elementary school.

The facility is of a free-standing, permanent type, solid construction with number of storeys GF+2, covering net floor area of 4,787.00 m2.

It was built in 1983/84, whereas an annex was additionally built in 2011 which consists of gymnasium and thermal corridor with the school facility, dressing rooms and ancillary premises.

The facility is of indented shape in its foundation and it consists of a few parts.

The total number of users on annual level is 965.

Before implementation of energy efficient measures, average indoor temperature in the facility was around 17°C, whereas after performed retrofits, indoor temperature has reached the projected 20°C.

The following energy efficiency measures have been implemented within the facility of Elementary School “Sveti Sava” in Brod:

Implemented energy efficiency measures

  • external walls thermal insulation
  • replacement of external windows and doors
  •  thermal insulation of attic structure and flat and pitched roof of the facility
  • heating system retrofitting (installation of thermostatic valves)


  • reduction of energy consumption
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • reduction of energy overhead costs
  • increase of comfort indoors
  • raising awareness on importance of energy efficiency

The total energy savings expected on annual level are around 50%.